Our Mission

To promote the sport of dragon boat and the desire to live a healthy, active lifestyle. To create an inclusive environment where people of all fitness levels and abilities are welcomed.

Who Are We?


UWDBC is more than a sports club; We are a community. Comprised of University of Waterloo students from all faculties, we train non-stop in the Fall and Winter in preparation for racing season in the Summer. Our club is completely student ran, made up of 200+ students balancing work, school and training.

UWDBC Pickering 2014


2015 TIDBRF HP Race Shot

Throughout UWDBC’s lifetime, some of the best university teams have been produced from University of Waterloo’s very own students. Countless medals have been won, multiple trophies have been lifted, and many gains have been made during the club’s existence. Made up of both first-time and experience paddlers, the University of Waterloo Dragon Boat Club creates champions.


Message us at our Facebook page or through the Contact form and we’ll give you all the details into how you can join our amazing club!